VIKASH is state level registered, non-governmental, not-for-profit voluntary organization dedicated to the cause of Rural and Urban Social Development. It is established under the Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860) during the year 1990 as a voluntary organization by a group of social workers to campaign for rural and urban development and to help people to overcome poverty, illiteracy and disease. It sincerely and voluntarily works to serve the needs and priorities of underprivileged and vulnerable groups, especially women, children, older persons and backward classes and to make improvements in the quality of their lives.

VIKASH firmly believes in ensuring that the support facilities provided by Government and other development agencies actually reach the needy poor people and to ensure that it is done with due respect given to the person’s dignity and rights. It tries to ensure that in all spheres of life: physical, social, emotional and intellectual, their rights are defended irrespective of one’s individuality. It strongly believes in the principle of “working together with people”. The organisation is working closely with the community and extends its support services to one and all whenever in need.